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A Day in Stomorska

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

I love my morning coffee in Stomorska, watching the boats leave for another day of adventure and those coming in to dock for the night. The harbor is very busy until 12 noon with boats sometimes lined up for a spot.

The village shuts down early afternoon with people closing the shutters of their homes to keep the sun out and then coming alive again at 6pm as the sun is setting. Solta is an island for rejuvenation, peace and lovers of nature. It is not a place for those looking to party and dance the night away. The island has a population of 1700 people and the rest are tourist. The city of Split is an hour away by ferry (cost $5.00) so weekends tend to be busier. Stomorska is very family oriented with a lot of retirees. I love my evening walks at night hearing families, singing, laughing, and passing food around the dining table on their patios. Swimming, boating, hiking, delicious food and drink are all available here.

The wines are exceptional and very affordable. The fruits and vegetables are grown organically and taste amazing. The peaches just explode in your mouth with sweetness! I love the taste of ripe tomatoes with just some olive oil, salt and pepper. The island is known for it's production of olive oil, ( sold at the farmers market in plain bottles with no label! ) honey, lavender and wine. Give me some hot, fresh bread, cheese, a nice red wine, and I'm in heaven! The island is 36 miles long and on my scooter I can get from one end to the other in 30 mins. It is a two lane road through olive and pine groves and fields of lavender and wild sage. Rarely are there any cars passing by ... traffic just does not exist.

Tourist are from all over Europe including, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Slavic countries. I have not encountered many Americans at all. Solta has many coves that can be a challenge to get to sometimes but so worth the adventure. I have never experienced such pristine, clear, beautiful water and it is so warm and refreshing. It just revives my soul every-time I jump in!

So welcome to my paradise for the next 3 months! I'm off to explore another cove and do some snorkeling!

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