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A Return to Sutivan on the Island of Brac.

After a fast and furious trip to Italy, I was looking forward to the calm and peace of Sutivan on the island of Brac. I took the ferry from Split to Supetar where Denis, my taxi driver picked me up and drove me to my apartment. Jamie and I had met Denis last year during our stay on Brac. It was great to have a contact and a friend to drive me around when needed. Supetar is 30 minutes from Sutivan.

My apartment this year was awesome. Last year Jamie and I had stayed in an apartment in back of the property I was in now. I confirmed the apartment last year on before we left because I wanted to be on the water with a pool.

It did not disappoint. I loved being directly on the water. Jumping in the sea, then a plunge in the pool. Perfect place to sit, read a book, and enjoy the glorious sunsets.

Paula, my host was lovely, so nice and friendly. She did my laundry during my stay and even let me use her bicycle. I would ride the bike every day into the center of town, or to Supetar for a change of scenery.

Sutivan is very peaceful, although at night there was always music and laughter in the village center. There were even some beautiful fireworks when I first arrived, celebrating a religious holiday.

I said hello to our neighbors from last year and was happy to see Ami, their dog again! He loves swimming in the water and would join me for sunset some nights.

I snorkeled every day. I noticed the water this year was a bit warmer, with some beautiful reefs and big schools of fish.

The weather was perfect during my visit. The temperatures would average 82-86 during the day. A far cry from the 100 degree temperatures in Palm Springs! We even had some much needed rain a couple of days. It was crazy how quickly the water would go from calm to rough in minutes during these storms.

Long walks, swimming, reading, meditating, biking and kind of summer!

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