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Air B&B Advice!

Choosing an Air B&B can be daunting and time consuming, but well worth your due diligence if you do your homework!

Always check what amenities are available in the property making sure there is everything you need for a pleasant stay. Is there an elevator? If not, how many steps to get to the apartment door. Remember, in Europe the first floor always starts on the second floor.

Check all reviews. If questions from any of the reviews you read just ask the owner if those situations or problems have been resolved or if something has been replaced or added. I always base my decision on choosing an apartment by the reviews, and nothing less than a 4.7 review average. Location is another important point to factor in. The noise factor is also important if you are a light sleeper. I always look for properties that have enforced windows to block out street noise and also black out curtains. Always pack earplugs just in case needed.

Once you check in, you are always excited and ready to get going but you have to ask the owner or the person showing you the property how to work everything. Take a breath, and take notes if needed. Most property owners or managers are always available for questions but at least get a general knowledge how everything works. The TV remote, the heater/AC remote, how to turn the oven off and on and adjust the settings.

How the stove works, the coffee maker, washer and dryer. Sounds like common sense but remember you are in a foreign country and appliances are usually different from what we have in the states. Make sure all lights and electronic equipment work before the proprietor leaves.

I hope this helps in choosing a vacation destination. You are never guaranteed what you get upon arrival. I know at times, I've walked in a place and thought, what have I done? Usually after a good nights sleep, and a morning coffee you realize, it's all good! I'm on vacation!

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