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Archie Comes to Visit!

My friend Steve was able to find a nonstop flight from Barcelona to Split, so he and Archie came to Sutivan for three days. Unfortunately, my apartment did not allow pets but he was able to find an apartment that was close by. I met their ferry in Supetar where I had rented a car so we could explore the island.

After checking them into their Air B&B, we found the closes beach so Steve could jump into the Adriatic. He is a swimmer and after seeing my pictures of the water, he couldn't wait to go swimming.

We had a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Sutivan called the Grill Garden. This restaurant has a great location, completely isolated on a hill in an olive grove overlooking the sea. They even have a swimming pool you can use if you bring your bathing suit!

The next day we set out on a driving adventure and made our way to Bol on the other side of the island. Bol is well known because of it's famous beach Zlatni Rat, known as the Golden Horn. I remember last year Jamie and I were so excited to see this beach because of all the beautiful pictures posted on Instagram. My friends, Brock and Ramon were also visiting us at that time from Los Angeles. Once we got to the beach, we couldn't wait to leave. It was so crowded and such a scene. Cafes, bars blasting music, lounge chairs covering every inch of sand, every water sport imagineable, and just masses of people.

With Steve and Archie we found a pathway along the water from the center of town to Zlatni Rat which was a 30 minute walk. There were kiosks, cafés, hotels, and beach clubs all along this walk.

We found a great beach club where they allowed pets so settled under an umbrella and two chairs for about $30.00 US. There was a restaurant next to the beach where they served fresh seafood and very good cocktails! The name of the beach club was Borak Beach Restaurant and I highly recommend spending the day there instead of Zlatni Rat.

We ended up going there the next day as well after a terrifying lunchtime adventure!

In Sutivan, Steve and I were sitting at a beach bar watching the sunset and started talking to a very nice, younger couple from Paris. They told us that their mother owned the villas that were attached to the Grill Garden restaurant where we had dinner the other night. They told us that we had to go to this fabulous restaurant that was their favorite on the island. They also said there was a beautiful beach below the restaurant called Romantic Beach where you could hang out after lunch. The name of the restaurant was Terasa Ciccio and of course I made a reservation for lunch the next day!

As we were driving, I realized that it was the same road that Brock, Ramon, Jamie, and I had been on last year that was a narrow dirt road hugging dangerously to the cliffs below. Last year at one point Brock was driving and we all screamed to stop, turn around and go back it was so frightening.

I was determined to find this restaurant. Steve kept saying it was the wrong road and there couldn't posdibly be a restaurant here in the middle of nowhere. He called the restaurant and sure enough, we were on the correct road. We finally found the place, parked on a steep hill and made our way down to the restaurant. It was a beautiful setting. It was the first restaurant in Croatia where I chose the fish that I wanted to eat off a platter of the days catch. I kept thinking it was one of those cute little fish that I see when I'm snorkeling! Lunch really was good but I don't think we really enjoyed it so much because we were scared and nervous about the drive back. We didn't even make our way down to the beach because all we could think about was getting the hell out of there!

The road was all gravel on a steep hill and to put the car in reverse was near impossible because it was like driving on snow, the wheels kept spinning and the gravel was flying. Steve was screaming, I was sweating and praying that we wouldn't run into another car coming the other way. I was never so glad to finally be on an asphalt road back to Bol.

We spent the remainder of the day at the beach club and finally made our way back to Sutivan.

We stopping for dinner at Kopacina Reataurant which specializes in lamb dishes. I had my yearly serving of lamb which was delicous!

After a quick weekend, Steve and Archie had to head back to Barcelona. I dropped them off at the ferry in Supetar and returned the rental car.

I had a few more days left in Sutivan before going to the island of Solta so I just hung out at the beach, rode my bike and lounged by the pool reading my book. What a way to spend my summer??!!

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