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Blue Cave Adventure

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The Blue Cave is located on the eastern side of the island of Biseovo next to the island of Vis near the village of Komiza. They say it is the most beautiful location on the Adriatic, but I think every location has been spectacular and it would be hard to decide which is my favorite.

Jamie and I had booked an all day excursion on a boat from Stomorska, that included the cave, lunch on Hvar and a stop at Stiniva Cove on the island of Vis.

The Blue Cave is a natural sea wonder that is known for it's beautiful blue light that appears certain times of the day (usually early morning). When the suns rays enter and hit the white, limestone bottom of the cave it illuminates the water and the walls of the cave.

Until 1884, the cave was only accessible by diving in under water. The baron Eugene von Ransonnet changed that by carving a passage in the rock big enough to allow a small boat to enter. The tides determine whether you can enter the cave or not. We all had to "duck" our heads for three seconds in order to enter the cave. The blue hue inside was so beautiful and the water so clear you could see the white limestone bottom with the beautiful rock formations. The cave is a protected, natural preserve so there is no swimming allowed.

I highly recommend this excursion. If you purchase the tour in Vis or Komiza, you get priority entry into the cave. We actually had to wait two hours for our entrance to the cave due to the high influx of summer tourist they were not expecting. They dropped us off at a lovely sandy beach where we could swim waiting our turn. The wait was well worth the unforgetable experience.

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