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I'm in Croatia for the summer!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

I am escaping the summer heat of Palm Springs this year with a three month trip to Croatia. Join me for this beautiful and exciting adventure. I started my trip arriving at Split International Airport after a two hour flight from London on British Air. Split is the second largest city in Croatia with Zagreb being the largest and the capital. Split is the gateway to the islands of the Adriatic with connections everywhere up and down the coast on buses, ferries, trains, and luxury yachts.

My first stop is the small fishing village of Stomorska, on the island of Solta. It's a one hour ferry ride from the port city of Split.

The island of Solta is 9 miles across with 4 coastal villages and 4 small central villages. Rogac' is where the ferry arrives from Split and Stomorska is a 20 minute bus ride from Rogac'. Stomorska is very laid back and geared to quiet, family holidays, romantic getaway for couples and an overnight stop for boaters. The village has a bakery, post office, tourist office, a grocery store {the size of a small 7-Eleven}, and a couple of good restaurants. Nature lovers would love this island because of the numerous hiking trails through lavender and sage fields, olive groves, pine forests and vineyards. Solta is known for it's wine production, olive oil and lavender.

For me the best part of the island were the numerous beaches and coves to discover. These coves had beautiful, crystal clear water, good snorkeling and very few people. The water is seasonally warm and the reefs are beautiful with just a few varieties of fish. The challenge for the coves is getting there. Most roads are gravel and rocks where you can drive in a couple miles {carefully} and then you may have to hike for another mile or two.

Water, sunscreen, hat, and water shoes are essential. Be prepared that the cove may not be all that beautiful or easily accessible after a hot, sweaty, 2 mile hike up and down hills, but for the most part they all have something lovely to offer.

Maslinica is another village located on the opposite side of the island, 45 minutes from Stomorska on the western tip. It is more prestigious with large, expensive yachts and a beautiful marina. Great place for watching the sunset, and kayaking to the different uninhabited islands with secret beaches and coves.

Stay tuned as my month long adventure unfolds on the island of Solta!

Love, Peace, and Acceptance........Namaste

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