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Mama Mia that's a Vis!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

My sisiter loved the movie and the music from Mama Mia II. Since a lot of the movie was filmed on the island of Vis, I decided we needed to spend a couple days there.

I had been there before and really love the island. We took the ferry from Hvar and an hour later arrived on Vis.  The aprtment I chose was very close to the ferry port in the center of town.  Monica was our hostess  and the aprtment was on the ground floor for a change.  Yay, finally no steps! The aprtment was small and compact but we were only spending three days. Monica was quite a character and went out of her way to make our stay a good one.

Out first stop was my favorite pizza restaurant, Pizzeria Karijola. I swear they make the best pizza I have ever tasted.  I was so happy  to return.

The following day we rented a car so we could drive to the sleepy village of Komiza where a lot of the filming for the movie took place. Komiza is a charming little village at the bottom of a mountain on the other side of the island.  Because of it's small population and untouched beauty, production filmed for 3 months in Croatia instead of Greece. Due to production costs and problems with the Greek Film Associaton,  the island of Vis proved to be a worthy stand in.

We left Komiza and contunued our drive around the island.  Driving up the mountain and following the road along the cliffs was like driving Route 1 in California.  Steep drops and breakthaking views.  Best part was little or no traffic.

I wanted to eat at Konoba  Dalmatino in the village of Rukavac. It's perched on rocks at the end of a road on the sea. Fresh seafood and the most beautiful view. I was able to jump in the water while our dinner was being cooked!   Beautiful water and some great snorkeling.  The area is breathtaking. Patty ate home made ravioli and I had a delicious tuna steak.

The following day we booked a boat tour with  It included a half day sail around the island of Vis with stops at the Green Cave, the Blue Cave and Stiniva Bay. The reflection of sunlight gives the caves their green and blue hues.  Depending on the time of day and the poistion of the sun, it reflects ont the limstone ocean floor and cast the hues on the walls of the caves.   It really is a unique and beautiful experience.

Stiniva Cove is where a cave collapsed in the middle and formed a separation between the beach and the ocean. It has been rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We anchored here and were able to swim into the cove through the rocks.

The best part of the day for me was just being on the water feeling the ocean spray and taking in the gorgoeus coastline.

Our last night on Vis, we were all excited because they were showing the movie Mama Mia II. We spent the day singing our favorite songs and talked about our favorite scenes from the movie. The credits started at the opening of the movie and wouldn't you know it...we had the wrong night and ended up seeing Barbie!  It was still a good time and so cool to watch in an open air theater next to the water!

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