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Next Stop Bol

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Alright, I admit I am the worst packer. Every year I say, "I am just going to bring two bathing suits, a couple of shirts and shorts" and it never happens. How do you pack for 3 months?

My vitamins alone account for a lot of space and weight along with all my snorkeling gear!

You would think all my years in the travel business, I would have learned how to pack by now. I even wrote recommendations how to pack in my blog previously! Almost 4 weeks into the trip and I have worn the same bathing suit, same reef shirt and water shoes every day.  ( yes the apartment has a washer and dryer!) I usually eat a late lunch or dinner on the way home from the beach so no need to change my clothes!  Maybe next year I’ll finally figure it out.  My poor sister, I told her to only bring a carryon for the month when she joins me in August.  The good news is I have enough products and clothes that she’ll be able to use and wear while here!

My time in Sutivan came to an end.  I met a really nice family at the apartment who will be returning next year same time so will be nice to see them again.

I contacted Denis, the taxi driverJamie and I met 3 years ago. At the time his wife was pregnant and now as Denis calls him, the “little menace “ is 1 year and eight months old.  Very cute. Not only is Denis hot but also the nicest guy!

It took 45 mins to cross over the mountain and get to Bol from Sutivan.  I had considered taking the bus but with my heavy luggage, decided it was well worth the 80 euros to be dropped off at my apartment!

I love this apartment! One of the best Air B&B I’ve experienced.  Perfect for one person or a couple.  Five minute walk to town center down a hill, two minutes to a small grocery store, and 15 mins to a beach where there are many to choose from.

It is definitely more crowded this side of the island with a younger crowd and fun vibe which is nice. At night the music blasts and the bars and cafes are full.  It seems there is always a festival or some sort of celebration happening. Be it the Fisherman’s Festival or Yacht Week.  One of the yachts I saw was called Bump and Grind, can only imagine??!!

I’ve found two beaches I really like. My favorite is near the Dominican Monastery called Martinica. There is a cozy bar and restaurant on the water and sunbeds you can rent for 10 Euros a day with lots of shade. The water here is stunning,  I spend hours snorkeling looking ar large schools of fish and beautiful reefs.

The other beach I like is on the way to Zlatni Rat, the Golden Horn. The island of Brac is famous for this beach and Zlatni Rat has become the symbol for Croatia travel. I spend very little time there due to it's popularity. So congested with bars, blaring music, umbrellas, chairs, water sports, blow up gymnasiums in the water, families, kids, it's overwhelming. Not my idea of a good time or relaxing day at the beach. However I do enjoy sitting on the beach there watching the kite surfers showoff and people wind surfing.

The small beach I like is under pine trees and much calmer, called Murvica Beach. There are sunbeds to rent for 7 Euros a day and a bar and restaurant nearby.

I met a really nice couple, Anne and Luke from London who spend their summers here.

They are fun, charming and full of stories. We sat across from the mayor of the town one night in a cafe and I learned that even a small town has it's political problems. They have been very informative about the local bars and restaurants away from the tourist areas.  I will say they have been “spot” on! They even turned me on to the outdoor theater where I saw the movie “Barbie” one night, subtitled in Croatian!

I love meeting people from all over the globe and making new friends when I travel. Another reason I encourage you to pack a bag and get on a plane.

Some of the local restaurants I found are delicious and more the local hangouts, including Vendetta for sushi and poke bowls, Argento for trdational Croatian food, Konoba Dinko, Ribarska Kucica overlooking the Domican Monastery, and my favorite, Cafe Pizzeria Kala.

I have loved my time here in the lovely village of Bol and will definately return. It is very hard to say which place is my favorite as they all offer such a different experience. I always tell people it really depends on the experience they are looking for.

I am looking forward to my next stop which is the Island of Hvar.

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