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Rovinj Has Stolen My Heart

As my time comes to an end here in Rovinj, I have to say I have had a fantastic 2 weeks discovering this gem of a town.

I was a bit put of in the beginning with the crowds and the high temperatures, but with some rain, cooler days and figuring out how to maneuver the tourists, it has really been a great stay. With concerts, opera, art, great restaurants and beautiful beaches, summer couldn't be better.

It has been fun playing with my photography, editing and posting on Instagram and Facebook. I love creating reels and stories, setting to music and moreless documenting my adventures. I realize I do this more for myself then caring about the number of people who view my posts. I often regret that with the many years of traveling the world, I have never kept travel diaries of where I have been. Unlike my good friend Michele, who remembers every trip, dates and even what we did sometimes, my memory is dim and forgetful!

Yesterday was one of the the best days yet of my trip. I rented a small motor bike which was a blast in itself.

I set out to explore Punta Corrente National Park to find more beaches. Of course without Jamie, my map girl, I had gone miles out of the city before realizing I was almost in Pula!

Finally getting directions, I found what I was looking for. Walking through pine forests, the path along the beaches was beautiful. With the heavy rains the day before, the day was so clear, even the water seemed more pristine.

I walked to Golden Cap Beach, Beach Zlatni Rt, and Skaraba Beach, jumping in the water with each stop! The parks are very clean here, people respect their beauty and pickup after themselves.

Tomorrow I drive to Split which is a 5 hour drive, stay overnight and then take the ferry to the island of Vis for a week. Hard to believe I have been here a month already with July over and August beginning.

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