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That's Amore!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

You cannot get off the train in Sorrento without Dean Martin singing in your head, O Sole Mio orThat's Amore.! With lemon trees lining the streets, the smell of Italian cuisine, the yelling, and laughter of the Italian people, Sorrento is the true flavor of Italy.

After dropping our bags in our Airbnb which was a perfect location in the town center, we set out to explore. Sorrento is not a large town and it is built on a mountain that slowly progresses down to the sea. The streets are full of shops selling local crafts, beautiful Italian pottery, lemon cello, and local olive oil.

We made our way down to the beach clubs that line the coast where we paid $40 for two chairs and an umbrella.

Archie was allowed in the beach club as well, he was very happy watching all the activity from his beach chair.

We discovered a local restaurant, Benvenuti in Casa. It seemed to be filled with locals as well as tourists. We ate there two of the three nights we were in Sorrento, loving the fresh pasta dishes.

I managed to find a barber shop in Sorrento where I got a great haircut. Simone, the barber, was very fun and was introducing me to all these Italian soccer players who were waiting for haircuts. It was his birthday so we sang happy birthday, me in English, the rest singing in Italian!

We decided we were on the Amalfi coast and had to visit Positano since we were so close.

Instead of taking a taxi which would've cost over $100 we decided to take the local bus which was six dollars. Thinking we would just jump on the local bus for the 45 minute trip, we had no idea we would be waiting in line in the hot sun with people lined up around the building.

After finally getting on the bus, I was not prepared for the terrifying ride along the corniche of the Italian Riviera. I swear the bus driver was related to Mario Andretti and couldn't get to Positano fast enough. Sitting on the window seat next to the cliffs, I was never so happy to arrive at a destination.

Walking from the center of Positano making our way down to the Spiaggia Grande which is the main beach, we walked on narrow, cobblestone streets with lots of steps full of shops selling souvenirs and local handicrafts.

There were so many people visiting Positano, it was difficult to even get through the narrow streets. I spoke to an American who was staying there who said that in the early morning and after 6 PM when all the tourists leave, It really was a lovely place to be.

We stayed a couple of hours. I had the best pizza I have ever eaten at a beachfront café, called La Breeze. I know I say in every city I go to that I have the best pizza but this truly was the ultimate!

We decided not to take the bus back to Sorrento and bought a ticket for the ferry instead. Great choice as it hugged the coast passing the Isle of Capri and then letting us off at the harbor in Sorrento. Luckily the photo below was not our ferry!

Three days was the perfect amount of time to visit and I would love to return off season when the weather is cooler and less tourists.

Leaving Sorrento, we took an express bus to Naples Airport which took less than an hour. Saying our goodbyes, Stephen and Archie went to check in for their flight to Barcelona. I went to Easy Jet to check in for my nonstop flight back to Split. Much to my dismay, upon checking in, the agent said that since I had not checked in online for my flight I was placed on a waitlist. I would have to wait until everybody boarded the flight to see if I could get on. She told me that EasyJet overbooks their flights and there was a good chance I would get on since I was first on the list. Overbooks their flights??!! The next flight out of Naples that was available to Split was two days later. Needless to say, I was freaking out when I got to the gate saying my Hail Marys' and praying that I would make the flight.

At the last moment they called my name and I boarded the plane as they were closing the door. Despite the stressful end to my Italian holiday, I truly can say...That's Amore!

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