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The Island of Badija

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We found the perfect day trip to escape the summer crowds of Korcula. Badija is the largest of the archipelago islands of Korcula. It's just a fifteen minute water taxi ride from the Old Town pier and costs 60 Kuna roundtrip (approx. $10.00 US). It was the perfect way to spend the day in a natural setting, surrounded by pine groves, olive, and oak trees. Although the island is not populated, it does have the most beautiful Franciscan Monastery built by Monks from Bosnia in the 14th century. The Monastery is being restored and just glistens in the sunlight next to the beautiful turquoise water.

There are wild deer roaming around the island that will actually let you feed them.

Surrounding the island is a lovely two mile trail through the pine forests, where you can take a break and jump in the water when it gets too hot on the trail.

There is also a small cafe that sits on the water serving traditional Croatian cuisine and drinks. I highly recommend this easy island hop for anyone visiting Korcula.

Upon returning to Old Town we had dinner at the restaurant Silk located on the promenade, overlooking the water. Silk serves Thai, Asian street food and was a welcome change to all the pasta and seafood we have been eating. They advertise no WiFi because (We truly believe we should all be talking to each other. Give it a try, it's fun! ) Gotta love that! The food was delicious, great for people watching and enjoying the sunset!

My evening walks have been so nice, discovering all the winding pathways leading to different areas of the town. I love walking up some steps or walking down a lonely road not knowing where I may end up. One thing I have noticed is that no matter how breezy it is during the day, once the sun sets the air becomes completely still and warm.

I have loved our two weeks here in Korcula and it would be top of my list for anyone wanting to visit Croatia. I will definitely be back and have already found several apartments in perfect locations. Enjoy some of my favorite photos taken on my many walks.

My friends Brock and Roman arrive from Los Angeles tomorrow night and it will be great to see them and spend two weeks together. Jamie has never met "the boys", so she is very excited as well. Our next stop is Dubrovnik for five days so hoping to take some amazing photos!

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