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Fall In Seattle

I haven't written my blog since I returned home from Croatia early October. It seems so long ago already. I thought I might give a little update on where I've been, what I've been doing and where I am going. It seems to be a whirlwind ever since the summer. I love being home. Winter is the best time to be in Palm Springs. The weather is glorious, warm days, cool nights. Even some cold days to bundle up in sweaters and jackets and turn on the heat. Nothing like a nice glass of red wine cuddled under a blanket watching Netflix at night! With that being said, there have been a few adventures since summer in Croatia. So yes, nice to be home, but the travel has never stopped.

As soon as I returned home in October , I was on a plane to Seattle to visit my good friend Michele for my birthday. Seattle in the fall is beautiful. Despite the cold, the gray skies and yes, some rain, we were lucky to have some glorious sunny days to enjoy. I always thought

that Vermont and Maine in the fall were the places to be to enjoy the changing of the season with fall's display of colorful leaves. I was pleasantly surprised with Seattle's explosion of color all over the city. Michele and I had some wonderful hikes and walks in some of Seattle's many parks and gardens.

My birthday lunch was celebrated in Gig Harbor, a small town on a bay in Puget Sound. The town has a beautiful waterfront, some nice boutiques and several restaurants. A great place to dig into some fish and chips.

We visited a Japanese garden called Kubota Gardens. The color pallet of the leaves were like a painting, as if each tree and plant were planted with fall in mind. So perfectly organized with a visual display of color. The beauty and peacefulness of the gardens was spectacular. I would love to return in the spring to see the dogwoods and rhododendrons in bloom.

One of the walks we did was Green Lake Park. We walked all around the lake and marveled at the beauty around us. Lots of families, bicyclist and skaters were enjoying this park.

Some of the other parks we hiked were Golden Gardens Park and Discovery Park.

I think fall in Seattle is a perfect time to visit. It certainly rivals the east coast with it's fall foliage tours. Bring your camera, you will not be disappointed.

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