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Rest Time In Sucuraj

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Jamie and I had decided we didn't want to be part of the crowded party scene of Hvar so we found an airbnb in the little village of Sucuraj, on the island of Hvar. It was located on the opposite side of the island from Hvar Town, but it was only a 60 minute ride to get to all the action if we wanted it. We thought we would be able to take a bus, rent a scooter, or hire a taxi if we needed some excitement for the day. That didn't happen! It turned out because of Covid, they were not expecting many tourist for the season so the buses were not running, no scooters to rent and a taxi cost almost $100.00 one way to Hvar Town.

Sucuraj is very close to the mainland with a ferry connecting the town of Drevnik on the coast every thirty minutes. It is basically known as a transit town for people from the south and central coast of Croatia to get to Hvar Town. There are also a lot of vacation homes where people come for the weekend.

It is a tiny fisherman's village with a population of 500 where everyone knows everybody! The Venetians originally settled there in the 16th century. Quiet, serene, and definatly family oriented for a low key holiday experience. Wine making, fishing, and farming are key there.

We spent two weeks on Sucuraj and truly loved our time there. Our airbnb host, Francesca and Tom went out of their way to make our stay memorable. Their apartment was lovely with floor to ceiling windows looking out to the sea.

There were five good restaurants in the village but I loved cooking with all the fresh vegetables and fruits available. We read , hiked, did facials, meditated, and enjoyed our "Netflix night" on my sixteen inch wide screen computer! Our days were spent at the beach, swimming and snorkeling. We found the perfect "slab" of cement with easy access to to the sea!

Now that is a vacation! Next stop, Korcula for two weeks!

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