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Travel Know How!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

I truly love waking every morning to my view of of the old town in Korcula. Nothing like opening the windows, taking a deep breath, and thanking the universe for another day and wondering where the day's adventure will lead us

Who wouldn't be inspired to write with the view I have from my computer looking out over the Adriatic Sea?

That said Jamie and I have had several discussions about things we might do differently when we come back to Croatia or just travel in general. We booked our trip with expectations of what the islands of Croatia had to offer. Most of the time, our decisions were based on booking the best beaches in the best locations where we wouldn't need to rent a car. We now know that just picking a pretty island to visit is one thing, getting there is another. It was so easy from home to look at a map and see how close all the islands are to each other. We thought we could just jump on snd off ferries to get around. Take a day trip to go for lunch or dinner. Wrong! What we didn't plan or investigate before booking our travel were the ferry schedules. Some run only certain days, some have multiple connections and could take a full day of travel. This has become more evident because my friends Brock and Ramon are coming to visit us for two weeks. Trying to navigate ferry schedules to meet up has been quite complicated. That said, even with some challenges it all works out. We now know that " travel day" will usualy take up the majority of the day so plan accordingly, it is so worth it in the end!

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