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Visit to Trogir

Having left the island of Brac, our next stop was the small town of Trogir. Located very close to Split Airport, it was the perfect stop before Jamie and I parted ways. Jamie was returning home to Nashville and I was heading to Zagreb for several days before my flight back to LA. The historic city of Trogir is situated on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Ciovo.

Known for it's Venetian architecture, Trogir is often refered to as "Little Venice". It's has a long history of rulers including the Greeks, Romans, Hungarians, and Austrians. Today it's a huge tourist destination with lots of restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes and bars within it's narrow streets. The harbor is lined up with yaychs docking for the night.

We had several good meals, including Pizzeria Kristian with the best baked pasta and bolognese sauce and then hamburgers at Bubalus Burger Bar.

Our great airbnb was hosted by Kristina on Ciovo just steps away from Trogir connected by a shuttle boat. The apartment was perfect for two people with a bedroom and large bathroom downstairs and another bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Modern and comfortable in design with several outside patios to enjoy.

We spent a lovely afternoon with Lidija and Ante who came to meet us in Trogir. They were our first airbnb host on the island of Solta in Stomorska, Lidija has actually kept in contact all during our stay here in Croatia with travel tips and restaurant suggestions everywhere we have been. So fun seeing them again. Ante was the perfect tour guide with Lidija translating!

They drove us to the town of Kastela, located between Trogir and Split, comprised of seven different towns on the sea, each with it's own municipality. In ancient days kings, queens, and the rich had homes in these towns to get away from the city life in Split. There were several ancient fortresses with people still living within their walls.

Ante and Lidija kept us well informed and gave us a great tour. They truly love their country with all it's history. We will miss our new friends but I look forward to returning and spending more time with them.

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