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You Packed What?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Think......boarding a plane, jump on and off buses, ferries, taxis and lots of walking. When I was in the travel business I use to tell my clients to pack light, take half out of what you already packed. I still tell my friends that even today. I'm my own worst follower of the packing rules. Seriously, how do you pack for a 3 month trip?

As I packed my suitcase for this trip, I knew I was allowed 50 lbs for a checked bag. That's a lot of clothes,and I kept adding because I was under the weight limit. {Oh, I'll just throw this in, I might need it.} The good thing about summer packing is light, nylon, SPF shirts, nylon rash guards, and light cotton shirts and shorts.

Those who have seen my photos have also seen my obsession with mosquitoes.

I was seriously thinking the tropics, like Costa Rica, Tahiti, Fiji, and Hawaii where the mosquitoes can't wait until I land. Turns out the Adriatic Coast has a typical Mediterranean climate consisting of hot, dry, sunny weather with the average temperature 80-88 degrees in the summer. There is humidity due to the mountain ranges but averages 20-60%. They do have mosquitoes but I've been here 6 weeks and haven't had one bite. Needless to say, the majority of mosquito repellents were left in my first Airbnb in Stomorska!

It's so easy when planning a trip from the web to say, we'll land, take the bus to the ferry port, jump on a ferry and then take a bus to the village. Then just walk to the apartment as it's walking distance from the town center. The reality for me traveling with a suitcase, a knapsack, and a rolling duffel bag is not fun and certainly isn't easy. I admire my friends like Jody and Frank who have the packing down when they travel, one weekend roller bag and they are done.

It's summer, the main items you need are sunscreen, hat, bathing suit, sandals, good pair of hiking or walking shoes, water shoes, beach towel , several SPF shirts, couple pairs of shorts, phone/computer charger, sunglasses, and a toothbrush.

Ha.... not in my suitcase! like I needed a pop up tent for the beach? How about exercise bands? What about a 1500 page paperback book? Enough moisturizers, hair gel, vitamins, body lotions, shampoo, conditioner and face wash to set up my own CVS store! Did I fail to mention snorkeling equipment including fins and mask? { Which by the way, I highly recommend as I use everyday to swim but you can buy them here!} I have been here now 6 weeks, with 15 t-shirts and have worn 2, 4 pair of pants that I have never worn, 3 bathing suits, I've worn one, and a light jacket.....are you kidding me??!! It's like Covid dressing last year. How many of us went through our closets and donated clothes wearing the same clothes every day? My days here are spent going to the beach and swimming. You spend all day at the beach, stop at a restaurant on the way home. There is no need to go home, shower and dress up, It's island living, casual and fully acceptable. Needless to say, I will be coming home with half of what I brought with me! There is a reason I rented apartments with washing machines.

Yes, there are pharmacies and grocery stores to buy all your personal cosmetics! I repeat, (and listen Jim), pack light, and buy along the way. With that said, in a perfect world, hire a car and driver......that would solve everything! 😎

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