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Zagreb...Let the summer begin!

I was excited to begin my Croatian summer again in the capital city of Zagreb. Just a short hour and thirty minute flight from Paris, Zagreb Airport is a small, modern, airport very close to the city center. The airport is easy to maneuver, not crowded and Uber just outside the main entrance in the departure area. For approximately thirteen US dollars, I was at my hotel within twenty minutes.

I choose to stay at the Bed and Breakfast Sky City Center overlooking Josip Jelacie Square which was the perfect location for my two day stay.

Having been to Zagreb last September, I knew exactly where I was and where I wanted to go. The "hotel" was perfect with medium size rooms, comfortable bed and a great shower. Included in the rate was a buffet breakfast with fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, coffee, eggs any style and choice of luncheon meats and cheeses. Small, quiet, and intimate, there were only 10 rooms so personalized attention was enjoyed. The manager of the property, Vlasta was so nice and accommodating making sure that I had everything I needed. She was so sweet and offered lots of suggestions for my short stay. For approximately ninety US dollars a night, I would highly recommend a stay if you are in Zagreb for a short visit.

As I have mentioned before in a previous post, Zagreb has a nice laid back, unassuming vibe, easy to get around and totally walkable. Lots of parks, cafes and restaurants offering some great food at inexpensive prices. Even the public transportation is easy to figure out, with the tram covering every part of the city. I find the city very clean and the people extremely friendly. I especially love the farmers markets with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Since my time was short, I walked to some of my favorite spots just enjoying the positive energy of the city. The green spaces are so lovely filled with people enjoying the outdoors and the warmer days of summer.

I had a delicious dinner at a restaurant close to my hotel called Capuciner, recommended by Vlasta at the hotel.

It served fresh grilled meats, fish, and typical Croatian dishes including, stuffed peppers, (Punjene Paprike) and Black Risotto, (Crni Rizot) which is made with the black ink of squid. (No, never tried...not that adventurous food wise)!

I also returned to a favorite cafe of mine called Otto and Frank for a delicious hamburger and cauliflower soup. This cafe is on Tkalciceva Street which is lined with cafes, bars and restaurants, perfect for people waching.

My time was short but I really love this city! Next stop, Pula.

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