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Beach Day!

Jamie and I had to check out of our airbnb in Dubrovnik at 10am and with a ferry leaving for the Island if Brac at 4pm...we had hours to kill. What better way to spend the day than at a beach club where we could be pampered, catch up on our reading and edit my blogs! The reviews are in, the Coral Beach Club in Lapad is the place to go. Our taxi driver Nick dropped us off at the club after storing our luggage in the ferry port with a friend of our airbnb host, Branko.

We had the essentials with us, sunscreen, bathing suit, book, and money! The beach was beautiful sitting on the Adriatic near the ferry port with all types of boats passing by. We reserved an umbrella and two lounge chairs and our waiter, Marko made sure we were well taken care of. It was definately a scene with the DJ blasting the tunes and the beautiful people sporting their bikinnis. It was a pricey adventuredi but the splurge was so worth it. Ibiza, Miami, the French Riviera cannot rival the Coral Beach Club in Croatia!

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