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Palm Springs For Now But Summer Coming Fast!

I would first like to apologize to those who subscribe to my blog. I suddenly realize

that every time I write a blog and it may not be completed, I publish it to save it and the site sends out a message to subscribers that I have a new blog. Every time I add something new, I was doing the same thing, publishing to save and it sent you another message. Yikes! I should have been just saving as a draft until the blog was complete and then publish once at the end. Hopefully I finally have it figured out after a year and you should stop receiving these emails unless a new blog is added. Technology not one of my finer merits!

As I may have stated in an earlier post, my retirement plan was that I would be in Palm Springs for the winter and then travel during the hot summer months.

I've settled into a nice little life here in the desert with swimming three or four days a week and playing tennis. Volunteering has more or less stopped now that it is getting hotter and the snowbirds are slowly leaving. I have a great life here with wonderful friends but I look forward to July when I will travel again to Croatia for the summer. My sister will be joining me in Croatia for the month of September so it will be nice to have some company.

My plan is to do the Northern part of Croatia on the Istria peninsula and work my way down the southern coast ending up in Dubrovnik, staying at a few islands in between.

Stay tuned for some new summer adventures and thanks for checking in!

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