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Summer Bliss Once Again!

It's hard to believe it's been well over a year since I've written on my blog. It seems if I'm not traveling there isn't much to write about although I do keep busy in Palm Springs, California.

My routine at home is full. I swim laps in the high school pool, go to the gym, meditate, practice yoga, volunteer at the Palm Springs Art Museum, tutor third graders at Cathedral City grammar school, volunteer at various charity events in the Palm Springs area, and play pickle ball. Wow! When I put it down on paper it sounds really busy!  I also love to cook for my friends and entertain at home.  It's a good life but I live for my travel in the summer, July,  August, and September.

So here it is summer, almost the end of July and I am in Croatia for the third year on the island of Brac.  I'm always asked why I keep going back to Croatia? For me it's the perfect place to be for the summer. The people are friendly, most speak some English. I know my way around so have figured out the ferries and buses. I love to swim and the Adriatic is gorgeous.  It is also affordable for three months.

I have noticed since Croatia started using the euro in January of this year, the prices have gone up since last year,  especially apartments.  Fruits and vegetables are all farm raised and delicious. Best of all, food in the grocery stores and restaurants is 1/4 of the price compared to home.

I have heard from the locals that tourism is down from last year and they believe it's because of the euro and the increase in prices. Like everywhere else,  prices have gone up but salaries have not which seems to be the case all over the world.  Hopefully the tourists will come since they depend on tourism in the summer to get through the year.

I started my trip landing in Split and meeting my friend Cleiton from Porto, Portugal. He shared my adventures for 10 days before having to go back to Porto for work. 

We took a 45 minute ferry ride from Split to Sutivan, a small fishing village on Brac where I have stayed previous years. 

I love the apartment I rent because it is right across the street from the ocean and has a beautiful pool in front of the building overlooking the water.  I even got to spend some time with the neighbors dog, Ami who loves to swim in the ocean with me!

It  was really nice having some companionship this year and being able to show Cleiton all my favorite hikes and beaches. We rented bicycles and we're averaging 5 to 6 miles a day going back and forth to Supetar, which is a nearby village with a great beach where we could rent chairs and just hang out.  

Cleiton, who is on a volleyball team in Porto,  was fortunate enough to meet some guys to play volleyball with.

I would spend my days snorkeling in the beautiful, crystal clear water of the Adriatic looking at all the coral reefs and various schools of fish. There seem to be many more fish this year and the reefs look very healthy. The water is so clear it's like swimming in an aquarium!  I think it is warmer this year also which is not necessarily a good thing.

Brac island is known for it's bicycle trails, beginner, intermediate and advanced. So you can bike everywhere.

Sutivan is a small, sleepy village,  very family oriented and totally relaxing.  Not for everyone unless you want to totally relax and chill out. 

I was looking forward to the next village of Bol on the opposite side of the island which has a younger vibe and more to do.

Stay tuned!

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