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Travel Dreams

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Travel is what stirs my heart and soul with joy and happiness. It makes me richer with the gathering of knowledge about other countries and cultures. It allows me to make new and rekindle old friendships,

It allows me to see beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets.

It allows me to see and feel the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii and the Adriatic.

It gives me a glimpse into history books as I step into churches and mosques that took hundreds of years to build with blood, sweat and tears.

It allows me the joy of sitting in cafes all over the world including Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and Croatia enjoying a local coffee or a fabulous meal. I love people watching and seeing the many happy faces all around taking in the glory of “one day at a time”.

It allows me to feel fear and see the spiritual magnificence of lions with their cubs, herds of elephants walking majestically guarding their young , and the stately giraffes crossing the tundra in Africa.

It gives me hope and gratitude as I hike to the top of a mountain taking in the awe inspiring views surrounding me from California to the islands of Croatia.

It revives my soul being in the Galapagos Islands seeing endangered species surviving. Creating an environment that cherishes the fragility of this earth, setting into motion the saving of our planet.

It allows me to capture with my eyes or through the lens of my camera the unlimited beauty that abounds in this world. The photographs that will record my existence and paste in my memory so many road maps of discovery.

I hope that you have also had this kind of inspiration and experience from travel and will continue to feel love, peace and joy looking through the windows of the world. Life is short. We are not promised tomorrow. Do not wait to explore this fabulous world! Get up and go now! Travel provides us freedom from daily responsibilities and joy for years to come. Don't wait to start fulfilling your dreams or checkoff your bucket list. There is a whole world to discover and it is beckoning us onward to unforgettable adventures. Ignore the "what if's", wake up, shake it off and get on a plane!

Love, Peace, and Acceptance........Namaste

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