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Vela Luka for the day!

Yesterday we set out on a day trip by bus to Vela Luka which is on the opposite side of the island on the western tip about 90 mins. from the old town where we are staying. I have to say that the buses here in Croatia are always on time and are very nice with AC and comfortable seats. You can book a reservation on line and just show your confirmation code on your phone after boarding the bus. It makes travel very easy, inexpensive, and a great way to explore the surrounding areas. We were not sure if masks were required but we wore ours to be safe.

The bus trip was very scenic stopping in various towns along the way to drop off and pick up passengers. It's amazing to us how these large buses maneuver the small country roads with hairpin curves and drop dead cliffs. Sometimes the driver had to stop so cars could pass by In the opposite direction.

Vela Luka, which means "large bay,"is a picturesque town, with sweeping views and is surrounded by numerous coves and covered with vineyards, olive groves, pine trees, and fig trees. The region is known for it's white wine production. It supposedly has a large cultural heritage where many musicians, poets, and artist live. It is also the largest town on the island of Korcula.

We had lunch at an interesting restaurant called Bistro Beppo,

It had excellent reviews on Trip Advisor as a traditional Croatian, seafood restaurant with a Mexican flare. Seriously? The owner who was from Germany was really nice and welcoming. The menu offered Mexican burritos and tacos for some of the main courses and also a Russian translation Included in this crazy mix of cultures. Go figure??!! With a craving for Mexican food we ordered the chips and guacamole served with salsa and sour cream. Lesson learned! When in Croatia, it's best to stick to their traditional dishes on the menu and the fresh seafood choices. The flare for international cuisine is somehow lost except for their pizzas.... mama mia that sa good! We did order the fresh tuna steak and beef filet which was delicious and served with hot sauce of course!

After lunch, we set out on our quest for the best cove to put down our towels and take a swim. Of course that always means finding a spot with easy access into the water from the rocks. There was a lovely path along the water which stretched a good length around the town. There were several nice coves that had built cement docks and stairs leading down to the water. The sea was refreshing and clear and made for a relaxing day before our bus ride back to Korcula.

Oh yes I have to add again, there was no chance of getting lost with Jamie's head into the map, swearing she knew exactly where we were and where we had to go. Whatever??!!

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